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We approach our clients as family, therefore we would like to introduce you the people who are the keystones of our company and we hope we will also have the opportunity to meet you.

The story of Wealth Effect Management began in 2007, when Peter Štadler, as the owner, created the company Efect with Filip Jacek. During the first five years in the company, he focused mainly on his personal development, development of managerial skills and knowledge from the financial market. The deeper he got into the issue of finance in Slovakia, the stronger he realized the need for a company the philosophy of which would be based not on making huge profits to the detriment of its clients, but rather on fair approach and services and products at a level known from the Western markets. Thanks to this direction and his experience, the company began to attract the first high net-worth clients.

2014 After the early tragic departure of mentor Filip Jacek, there came time to set up a company that would provide the highest level of services and focus on wealth management and sophisticated solutions to simplify the financial life of its clients.
2015 Of course, the plan to bring wealth management to underdeveloped markets did not apply to Slovakia only and therefore in its early days Wealth Effect Management decided to expand to the Bulgarian market. The main reason were personal relationships and the market potential itself. WEM was the first foreign entity to enter the market for financial and investment services.
2016 The basis of providing high-level services is the strong bond of each of the employees with the company’s policy. The goals and principles of Wealth Effect Management were transformed into the DNA of the company, which has since then been the main pillar for selection and subsequent functioning of each employee. Hand in hand with a strong character, the company emphasizes expertise, transparency and work based on facts. In order to raise the latter part to the international level too, cooperation with Bloomberg began.
2017 The company’s effort to provide a level of services that had not been reached in this region culminated in the opening of its own investment company, thus ensuring its control over the fee structures and performance of its investment products. As a result, it has been able to provide asset management tailored to any situation. Complementing the provision of services by estate planning created new opportunities to make it easier for clients to manage their assets.
2018 Long-term presence on the Slovak market also means a number of long-term clients. Since taking care of their needs throughout their lives has always been the company’s priority, but at the same time a very demanding task, Wealth Effect Management approached the issue by creating a Service Center, which has since been responsible for clients’ satisfaction over the coming years. This was the first year for a unique product Save for Tomorrow created to meet the needs of long-term investment security for clients who want to take a responsible approach to their financial future and who understand the necessity of not relying on the state assistance. The investment company’s services and products were also launched in Bulgaria through passport licensing, bringing quality products that no entity offers on the local market.
2019 This year was driven by positive market developments and, above all, by acquisitions. The company has also switched to a joint stock company to respond more flexibly to the needs of its clients and business partners. In addition, the focus on sustainable business has increased, resulting in the establishment of the long-term project called Finančná zrada. It aims to improve financial literacy in Slovakia. Its greatest added value is the ability to ask experts about specific financial problems.
2020 Thanks to successful hires at key positions over the course of the year, we further enhanced the level of professionalism and seniority within the team. Our processes are even more efficient, and the organisational structure is robust. Our continues strive for innovations led us to finalise a brand-new onboarding process with e-sign capabilities which enable users to sing up for our investment savings product Save For Tomorrow online and without entry fees. Despite 2020 being an unprecedented, the most turbulent year for the financial since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, all our portfolios exceeded the performance of their respective benchmarks and yielded extraordinary returns for our clients. By generating alpha during such turbulent times, we even further validated our active management approach and reaffirmed our clients that Wealth Effect Management is the right partner to manage and grow their wealth. We launched our new monthly investment research paper – WEM Market Notes, which contains a selection of the most relevant information related to financial markets developments and our asset allocation.
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Peter Štadler


Peter Štadler is the founder and owner of Wealth Effect Management. He is also CEO and is responsible for overall leadership, strategic decisions and visions. Before starting his own company in 2007, he was at the birth of the financial intermediary company Efect Slovakia, which he co-founded with Filip Jacek. Here, he initially held the position of Business Process Executive responsible for the founding of company and later that of Executive Director.

In 2014, he decided to raise his years of experience in the retail environment to the level of wealth management services and established Wealth Effect Management together with its first branch abroad, in Bulgaria. One of the main ideas and priorities was to bring light and transparency to the world of finance, which resulted in the establishment of Wealth Effect Management o.c.p., a.s. in 2017. Since then, Wealth Effect Management has been providing high-quality and efficient solutions and services to its clients through its Wealth Department, using the company’s own portfolio management.

Eva Jahelka Filipp


Eva is one of our most experienced team members. During her 13 years in the field of private banking, she worked in various positions, from sales support, product and project management and process creation to comprehensive wealth management, where she held the position of Head of Wealth Management at ČSOB Private Banking in the KBC Group.

She holds the position of COO in our company, where she works closely with CEO on organizational processes, working with operational risks and setting company standards. At the same time, she manages our internal team as Head of Wealth Department and within business development is responsible for building relationships with external partners and promoting corporate culture and vision. She also applies her exceptional attention to detail not only as leader of the sales department but also in the management of projects to improve the workflow of our company.

Eva Galbincová

Head of Administration

She has many years of experience in the financial market at managerial positions, specifically, in the field of organization, process, project and relationship management. On the top of her great assets is her significant experience in supporting and developing human resources in financial intermediation. As part of the development and growth, the company decided to strengthen its successful team at the beginning of 2020 and hired her as the new Head of Administration. In this position, she provides comprehensive support for the overall functioning of the company. That includes setting up, streamlining and implementing administrative, organizational and communication processes in the company, coordination of processes with the legal and accounting department, contract management and overall day-to-day operation.

Barbora Ambrušová


She joined the company as an experienced administrative worker. Her sincere and kind behavior is complemented with excellent organizational skills, overview of administrative processes and a willingness to always find the best solution. Thanks to her professional approach and personal development, she is now also in charge of for the administrative support of our investment company. Today, she is an essential part of the team in ensuring smooth running of the company and high client satisfaction.

Jozef Petráš


His first involvement dates back to 2012, when he worked for Efect at the position of Financial Strategist and after a short pause he was approached by owner Peter Štadler with the job offer of CEO Assistant for Wealth Effect Management. At this position, he has been taking care of the overall agenda and assisted in everyday activities, strategic decisions and the development of the company in Slovakia and Bulgaria. His devotion and loyalty to the brand has evolved into his new role as the person responsible for marketing and PR activities. The main focus of his work is supervising implementation of marketing activities and all projects related to the expansion of the company brand. As part of this activity, he works directly with the CEO as well as with the whole team and acts as an integral part of it.

Matej Bašťovanský

Senior Wealth Advisor

Having started in 2010 as part of Efect team, he is one of the core people working in our company. He also participated in the creation of Wealth Effect Management. Currently, in addition to the Senior Wealth Advisor position, he acts as the Head of Advisory, which is in charge of advisory and client services. To ensure the high quality expected from our firm, he leads the Service center and he is in charge of communication with third parties and external partners. As part of his own development in the company, he still serves regular clients, but his focus is naturally shifted towards affluent clients, providing wealth management services. He is a member of the Supervisory Board and one of the company’s shareholders.

Michal Kováč

Senior Wealth Advisor

He has been part of the Efect team since 2011 and, subsequently, participated in founding of Wealth Effect Management. He uses his long-term capital market experience as Senior Wealth Advisor and, currently, he focuses primarily on affluent clients. His knowledge continues to contribute to the development of the investment department and he currently holds the position of the Head of the Front Office in our investment company. His analytical work, including support to the portfolio manager and preparation of educational materials for the Wealth Department, can be best utilised there. He is also a member of the Supervisory Board and one of the Company’s shareholders.

Alexander Chizganov

Private Wealth Manager HNWI/U & Product Development

Before he joined our team, Alexander worked in Russia as an Investment Professional in global capital markets. He provided portfolio management & advisory services for business owners and top managers of large size companies. After the senior position, Alexander decided to pursue his career abroad and joined our team in early 2019. He specializes in multi-asset class strategies for private HNWI/U clients, development of new products and project management.

Matej Ondek

Private Wealth Manager

He has many years of experience in banking, where he gradually worked in several positions, thanks to which he gained rich experience in care for premium clients. He gained the greatest know-how through systemic, honest work in the positions of personal banker at Tatra Banka, then as the director of a branch of OTP Bank and subsequently for 9 years as a private banker at Slovenská sporiteľňa.

Matej works for us as a Private Wealth Manager. He considers his work a mission. He tries to do everything with client’s best interest and goals in mind, and with partner level of communication as general rule. It is important for him to always provide the client with complete and comprehensive information and to build a long-term relationship based on trust with him.

Martin Cibuľa

Senior Wealth Advisor

He started in the company during his university studies in 2016 and, after its successful completion, he was able to build on his knowledge in his further development and transform it into high quality service, ensuring first-class customer care. He currently holds the position of Wealth Advisor and, besides his own acquisition activities, he primarily focuses on the management of Service center clients and long-time clients of WEM. Hundreds of satisfied clients, with whom he maintains long-term excellent relationships, have provided him with a broad perspective in financial products, their fee structures and features.

Samuel Krátky

Senior Wealth Advisor

He has been working in the company since 2016, where, thanks to his previous experience, he appreciated the emphasis on professionalism and facts. This allowed him to use his skills for client acquisition to the maximum and brought comfort not only in selection of best products, but also to providing better long-term services and maintaining great relationships. He is currently a Wealth Advisor and, as part of his own acquisition plan, he is focusing on providing caring of more affluent clientele and networking activities.

Jozef Fujka

Portfolio manager

During his time at the university and after his graduation, he worked in several asset management companies not only in Slovakia but also in the Czech Republic. Before joining our company, he acquired additional knowledge in a renowned audit company. His main focus was on investments in publicly traded securities of companies, which showed a significant disproportion between intrinsic value and stock market price. Within our company, he is responsible for the composition and management of portfolios, the search for new investment opportunities and the periodic evaluation of the companies we hold in our portfolios.


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