Wealth Solutions

Satisfaction of our clients comes from values we create for them.

Wealth Solutions

In WEM we believe that balance brings real results to our clients. That is why we have divided our services into Wealth Advisory, focused on wider clientele, where we help solving every-day financial goals and Wealth Management, focused on asset management of high net worth clients.

Focusing on both segments allows us to bring better quality and cheaper products to our regular clientele. This system is part of our philosophy and we also call it a balanced “welfare” sysatem where we are able to offer cheaper and short-term solutions for ordinary clientele, which we do not exploit due to the strength of the high net worth clientele.

Wealth Advisory

We evaluate the goals of our clients and offer them comprehensive strategic solutions.

At every stage of life, one needs to secure different financial goals. To achieve the most effective solutions, our specialists will select the best available products for you. Deploying them according to a tailor-made strategy, an innovative approach to client communication and experience in the wealth management sector brings satisfaction to every client.

Wealth Management

We take care of assets of wealthy families, individuals, artists and successful atlethes through our wealth management.

This service is characterized by high complexity and expertise. We help our clients identify appropriate investment opportunities in accordance with their goals and expectations. The result is tailor-made solutions and an individual approach to each client through Private Wealth Managers who build a personal, correct, and discreet relationship with the client.

Wholesale Banking

We are open to cooperation with anyone who shares our vision of quality financial services.

Our ability to bring professional financial services to every client is made possible also thanks to wider cooperation. In exchange for access to our know-how and products that deliver real results, we require a pro-client approach and willingness to improve financial market situation.


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