Wealth Advisory

We want to provide personal finance management to every client, regardless of the amount of their assets. Our goal is to bring top-level services and products closer to as many people as possible.

Financial Planning

Everyone, whether as an individual or a family, needs to know their financial goals to be able to prepare for them and to reach them as effectively as possible. Life goals can include housing, pension plan, education, and financial support for children. The essence of financial planning is to achieve these goals through right product choices, setting up a financial plan, and then managing it. It is this part that is the biggest stumbling block in most intermediaries, where the setting of a strategy, product life expectancy and its cost is determined only by commission. Flexibility is an essential feature of our products and allows us to set all parameters needed for effective goal achievement. The basis of a quality financial planning are professional wealth advisors, chosen not only based on their professional disposition, but character traits, too. The constant emphasis on their training in both the knowledge and personal growth provides clients with the highest level of service and long-term satisfaction with our customer care. For even more transparency, we created Client Zone, where the client can check how his investment is developing.

Complex Services

Investment Center

In order to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients, we have decided to create a product for everyone who needs to save money effectively. With a transparent fee structure, above-standard appreciation, a flexible payment amount, and no commitment achieving goals is effortless.

Mortgage Center

One of the most important financial decisions of our lives is financing of our new home. We are aware of time constraints caused by your daily duties and also of how time-consuming looking through several bank offers can be; and even then you might not have enough expertise to make the best possible choice. We would happily help you and make sure you get the best offer.

Service Center

Providing comprehensive care to every client is a long-term priority for us. Our financial and insurance product specialists will help to set up, manage and prepare a complex plan for you to always have a perfect overview of your finances. A wide range of partners enables us to choose the best solution at all times. During its implementation, the client is taken care of to the last moment, saving not only money but time as well.


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